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Haberin doğru adresi
Autorius: Murat Paksoy
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Autorius: ME
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Filippo Foto Blog - Ultime foto

Mostra le ultime foto del blog, divise per tag: by Cristiana, montagna, mare, animali, bianco e nero, Roma, tramonti e ospiti del blog
Autorius: Filippo Foto Blog
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Last.fm Recent Tracks

Displays the latest Last.fm tracks played by the user
Autorius: Nikhil M.
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Motivational Quotes

This gadget is all about motivational quotes. Quotes changes everyday. You gotta add it to realize its value. Quotes are excerpts of a book -Never Eat Alone-
Autorius: Deepak kumar
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VanDamme Associates KB Blog

VanDamme Associates provides consulting, software, web development and hosting services to associations and non profit organizations. We develop strategic relationships with our clients in order to provide a unique mix of products and services designed specifically for their needs and goals.
Autorius: Matt Rist
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MSN Messenger 便捷版

Autorius: 不來恩
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MailChimp: Send Better Email

Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. Offers plug-ins for other programs.
Autorius: ibh2000
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Save the stickman

Press the mouse, draw a line with the pencil tool from the red dot at the feet of the stickman to the door of the house, and press the play button. Press RIGHT, LEFT, arrow keys to move the fighter. Click Space bar to fire the rockets. If the rocket hits the enemy you earn one point. If the enemy...
Autorius: http://www.freetimeflashgames.com
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Dress up Who | FunnyGames

Padėk peliukei Mini apsirengti.
Autorius: FunnyGames
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Toss A Nerd

Toss the nerd as far as you can
Autorius: http://www.openinternetgames.com
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Comely Girl Make Up

The fashion girl will go to attend a fashion show. Time is running out, she only lost a little time to have a delicate make up. Now you should help her make-up artist give a delicate make up for the fashion girl.
Autorius: http://www.freetimeflashgames.com
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World of Warcraft addons - updates + search @ wowmods

World of Warcraft addons meta-site: central location to search addons hosted on all major sites, as well as list updates posted anywhere.
Autorius: Fin
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Eiffel Tower Live Webcam

Eiffel Tower webcam Live images within your Google Personalized Homepage - From Paris-Live.com
Autorius: Paris-Live.com
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Merriam Websters Word of the Day. No need to Click PLUS button to read the Word.

Word of the Day from Merriam Webster
Autorius: Karthik
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Pet Creator | FunnyGames

Create non-existing pets by changing the options.
Autorius: FunnyGames
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Fun and Games for you to enjoy - Blast Through 3D Tunnels!
Autorius: edansmithgames
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Simple Online Calculation Tool

Use this simpleOnline Calculation Tool to have a hand calculator that is easy to get to. Very useful!
Autorius: coolwidgetsgadgetsandbadges
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2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible

If cars and trucks are like sexy women, then the 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible is nothing short of a topless babe! Show off this hot lady on your webpage or blog. Check her out inside and out anytime you want. Click NEXT in the lower right corner for additional pictures. Check out my other gadge...
Autorius: Gregory D. Brown
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

~RE's Exotic and Easy Cooking Videos

Exotic and Easy is all about learning how to cook enjoyable healty cuisine from simple ingredients - by video. updated dynamically daily. 1000+ rotating video library
Autorius: StatusLol
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Byte Converter

The Byte Converter automatically converts byte into kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte etc. You can test the tool here: http://atat.ro/
Autorius: Yeno
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“


PacManv2.4 is one of the best games ever created. Instructions: Use the arrow keys to guide Pac-Man. P - Pause/unpause game Q - Quit game M - Mute/unmute sound L - Low quality on/off
Autorius: Phillip Olsen
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Blog Search

Search blog posts by Google, Yahoo, and Wordpress bloggers. Sometimes I like to search information from other bloggers to check if I have the same idea or thought with them or not. So, I created this gadget to do that. Hope you enjoy it.
Autorius: タオ チューン
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Most Interesting Flowers

The World's most stunning collection of Flowers. Enjoy this fascinating gadget. Colorful, vivid photos of beautiful and interesting flowers!
Autorius: Rose
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