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YouTube: Broadcast Yourself.
Nuo: toolbar.google.com   Autorius: YouTube

Print in PDF

Convert files to PDF. Free, fast and online
Autorius: ibh2000
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Play Popular Games

Play the best games on the internet for free! All you have to do is click on one of the icons and the game will open up. This gadget includes popular games such as pacman, sonic, super mario bros and super mario world 2, street fighter, angry birds, and other amazing games. If you are bored you s...
Autorius: Estiven E
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“


Nuo: ware2sanet.is-mine.net   Autorius: saware-sanet

Amazon.com Sex Shop

Get the latest products about sex at Amazon.com. The gadget updates as sex products are available.
Autorius: Wesley Williams
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

All Your Favorite Apps in One Place

Add this gadget to get your favorite websites, mail services, games, utilities, educational applications and more directly into your iGoogle homepage! With this gadget you can play games such as pacman, super mario bros, angry birds, and more. To open an application just click on any icon within ...
Autorius: Estiven E
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

SweetIM Daily Emoticon

The SweetIM gadget will show you our most popular emoticon and wink animations of the day. The full application enhances your emails, blogs, and Messenger by adding cool content such as emoticons, winks, audibles, sound FX, Display Pictures, Nudges, and more!
Autorius: LabPixies
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Currency Converter

Convert currencies with this easy to use calculator. Rates are updated regularly.
Autorius: StatusLol
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Hotmail Mini

Powerful free e-mail with security from Microsoft - Windows Live Hotmail is a best in class e-mail service that helps you organize and manage all your online stuff in one place.The new Windows Live Hotmail comes with smart tools to help you save time and get more done. Cut through inbox clutter, ...
Autorius: Mini Gadgets
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

WordReference English to French

WordReference English to French Dictionary
Nuo: www.wordreference.com   Autorius: WordReference.com

Futurama: Quizzes

Test your Futurama knowledge with the TVLoop community quizzes.
Autorius: TVLoop Widgets
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“


Clear up the mystery of the aztec temple. Try through specific combinations of the coins to achieve more points than your opponent. Valuta requires some quickness, it is similiar to a Mahjong like game.
Autorius: http://www.freetimeflashgames.com
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Allegro.pl - znajdz przedmiot

Znajdz przedmiot w serwisie Allegro.pl
Autorius: Piotr Kubisz
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Google News

Individualizuojama naujienų mini programa, kuri skirtingas sekcijas rodo atskiruose skirtukuose. Naujiena! Atnaujintoje „Google“ naujienų programėlėje naudojamas tvarkingesnis išdėstymas, kuris užima mažiau vietos „iGoogle“ puslapyje.
Autorius: Kevin L.
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Pdf Adobe Reader

free Download Adobe Reader, trusted standard for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF files.
Autorius: ibh2000
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“


Nuo: www.visuwords.com   Autorius: DunnByPaul/TheLogicalOctopus

Live sexy ass girls, see the hottest live sexy webcam action

Warning adult content. Live hot ass naked girls cam, live webcam, want an alternative to the sex video sites? See beautiful naked female bodies these are more than just a nip slip movie. Watch and chat to the live models, bondage, blowjob, fucking, mature women, sexy girls, anal, lesbian, couples...
Autorius: mar1a
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

FB-Facebook Connect

Check out your account and your friend's updates with this Facebook widget
Autorius: Facebook
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Skype Download

skype,Video and voice calls to anyone,Instant messaging and file sharing,free calls,skype download,skype support,chat,Group video calls,Free Skype to Skype calls, Low cost calls and text messages to mobiles and landlines,Mac ,Windows 8 ,Linux,windows xp ,Skype for Windows desktop
Autorius: supperstar
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Google Drive. „Google“ dokumentai

Peržiūrėkite savo aktyvius „Google“ dokumentus. Google Drive.
Autorius: iApps
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

bank of america

Welcome to Bank of America, the nation's leading financial institution and home for all of your personal financial needs.
Autorius: waled.z2006
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Le Monde.fr

Le Monde.fr - Le président américain a annoncé un crédit d'impôt destiné aux entreprises, d'un montant de 5 000 dollars par embauche en 2010.
Autorius: Le Monde.fr
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“


TripIt - Get your trips and updates from your network.
Autorius: gadgetfactory
Reikia „Google Toolbar 5“

Forex Currency Converter

Forex Currency Converter with over 180 currencies and commodities to choose from with the option to preset your most used TO and FROM selections. You can perform interactive foreign exchange rate calculations using up-to-the-minute currency rates with historical charts, finance and fore...
Autorius: StatusLol
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